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You do realize that Derrick is playing a perfect game and he'll win right? That is literally how you win big brother

Yes but hes making it so fucking boring and predictable

This season is so boring and predictable thanks to Derrick

Thanks Derrick, you know you can still be a good player just Iike will and dan, but there’s times where you don’t have to always control people, you can take a break now and then. Thanks to you, big brother sucks

The Zac Efron movie sounds like a piece of garbage, the new one that is

Reason why? First of all they hired a model…. A model only poses for the camera, of course they act in commercials but other than that this model hardly has any acting experience. It’s about EDM music, really? Lmfao! It’s also about a guy falling in love with his mentor’s girlfriend, talk about awkward! And it’s created by the guys who made catfish, lmfao

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