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Some advices for the beginning of the school

Don’t be an asshole to everyone because one day it will bite you back in the ass. Learn to respect your teachers because one day you might need them. Do your homework. If someone picks on you, ignore them and they will go away. Don’t fight with anyone or get in verbal arguments it’s just not worth it. Nobody likes a person who brags, just saying. Never tell anyone who your crush is. Just don’t get into a relationship it won’t end well.

Can u plzz post a pic of the boobs that u want/like Model pic boobs pic idk like a pic of the kind of boobs u like Plzzz


Hey can u plzzz tell me how old wasem arabi is

My age lol

Damn it, why didn’t Nicole and Donny stay?

Shit, they could have had a chance… Ugh then Cody Calaflop won… -_-

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