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What do u think about Ariana grande dumping Jai brooks and now dating Big Sean????

Personally I think ariana grande is a bitch. She cheated on jai brooks before he’s such a nice guy so he takes her back, and just because he didn’t visit her when she was going through a tough time, she decides to break up with him again. She broke his heart twice, she’s just cruel. And when I heard she was dating big sean, it was weird because they’re an odd couple for sure.

Are you sure Cody isn’t bisexual?

Or does he flirt with anyone that has a pulse?

Troy is amazing u should watch it

Haha since you said so I will watch it!!!

Are you muslim


Have u ever watch TROY it's an amazing movie

I didn’t yet, but is it good???

Dan had alright gameplay season 10 bc of pairing up with Memphis. Season 14 he wasn't even that great! The funeral was one game move that was pretty awesome but the rest of the season wasn't! I mean c'mon he had immunity for the first few weeks bc of being a "coach" turned player. such a crap twist that saved the vets from being evicted too early!

It was the coaches ideas to get back into the game and reset it. Dan still managed to get to final two by making moves and scheming, he was in an alliance that helped further his game, and he was a threat but he managed to stay alive. Can you do that?

"Zach Stan" that's cute but I'm 100% for donny to win Americas favorite. I'm just pointing out why you're an idiot, that's all. & I know what season dan won..... Lol. I've been watching way longer then you. Hence why I know what GOOD gameplay is. Honesty with these "twists" there hasn't been any really great gameplay since season 8! Go back and watch the good seasons ://

Any good gameplay since season 8? Have you watched both of dan’s seasons or no? Jeez and I did watch big brother 7 and big brother 2

Hey are you arab

Yes! And I’m proud of it!





how does porn make money if i can literally just search free porn

How do musicians make money when you can literally just download free music?

Musicians make a lot of money from touring

when’s the last time you went to a live porn concert

yesterday with ur mom

Lol there’s traffic on the websites and plus some people actually buy their DVDS

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