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Wait! This tumblr is your or is of your friends and u?

Just me, people submit photos to me

Tyler is king and his music isn't for the narrow minded

I guess his music is for imbeciles, who have an IQ of 50.

How many followers do u have?


Fuck the hater your blog is fuking dope bro!

Thanks! :)

Fuck u asshole!! Now i understand why you still virgin!

I’m a virgin because I actually have morals.

I totally agree with you about Tyler. I'm still upset that he won over FTP for best new artist at the '11 VMAs.

Same, I’m not upset but I was like wtf? Listen to Sam smith, at least he has talent. I tried to listen to music but I couldn’t, idk how teenagers buy this shit

They worship Tyler cus he sold his soul to me jk lol but he sold his soul to satan :)

Really? Haha I wouldn’t be surprised

Every body have a opinion. If u don't like him is your problem but dont be a hater man! Peace. ;)

Suck a dick

U should respect not because u r Muslim it means u can say shit about other religions celebrate


why cant guys like you go to my school?

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