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who's nicole?

Nicole from big brother it’s a reality tv show. She’s crying because ariana grande’s brother is being an ass cracker to her. Ariana grande’s brother is racist and sexist.

(Pt. 2) and another reason I can tell you must be new.... They probably won't even have america's favorite bc in BB8 & BB11 they had "Americas players" which made it unfair to have Americas favorite. which will likely happen again this season due to "team America" and also bc of the likely unfairness due to Ariana/Frankie's pre-existing fanbase that they can influence. I'm just saying.

You must be an imbecile because I have been watching since Big Brother 10 which is dan’s season!

UGHHHH people like you annoy me :/ clearly you haven't been watching Big Brother all that long. it is a GAME. no one "deserves" anything. so Donny or zach could win for being favorites not bc you feel one "deserves" it. also, why is it fair to base off if someone parents can pay for them?? hey, why not just assume Donny's parents will pay for him! then everyone is equally "deserving", right??? no. it's based off if you had good gameplay and were liked outside of the house! (Pt. 1)

Clearly I said before a long time ago that Zach has no good gameplay, he was entertaining but he was so bad at this game. They saw right through him and he was targeted a few times if it wasn’t for derrick’ then Zach attack would be gone a long time ago. He was only in the game longer because he had an alliance, but clearly he called out a few people and made a few people upset. He is not a good player, Donny was humble, he played the game in a good way, he managed to get his ass off the block 6 times, can you fucking do that? He was targeted the most! And he managed to escape eviction a lot of times. Your opinion is now irrelevant, Zach Stan.

I take you're a huge Donny Fan & that's fine. I like Donny too but to say he deserves the A.F money over Zach is unfair. I will never insult you or tell how to vote & you should do the same.

Alright I get it

Ok so you're a guy and I need a advice... There was a thing between me a a guy and then i just end it for no reason... After that, he got in a relationship and we stop talking, and we just like re-start talking recently, should I ask him if he wanna do something or it's to weird?? Or I guess let him ask me first? Thanks

No it’s to weird, the guy is in a relationship, let him be. If he wants to ask you then that’s fine.

I thought that u like big boobs Aren't u

Who doesn’t? I didn’t even post the picture jeez, it’s just weird.

Zach has his parents to pay for his shit, Donny needs money for his surgery, give him the money

Donny was the only one who didn’t trash talk everyone, he was humble, he won a lot of comps and he fucking deserves it. If you vote for Zach you’re a delusional imbecile.

Some advices for the beginning of the school

Don’t be an asshole to everyone because one day it will bite you back in the ass. Learn to respect your teachers because one day you might need them. Do your homework. If someone picks on you, ignore them and they will go away. Don’t fight with anyone or get in verbal arguments it’s just not worth it. Nobody likes a person who brags, just saying. Never tell anyone who your crush is. Just don’t get into a relationship it won’t end well.

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